“InBalance Q-Ride Training Philosophy to be more widely adopted”

“InBalance Q-Ride Training Philosophy to be more widely adopted”

InBalance Motorbike Training already includes road-craft knowledge and assessment in all Q-Ride courses.  How a motorbike balances, steers and stops is emphasised for all learners in an attempt to provide the most comprehensive motorbike rider training available, maximising the safety of the learner. InBalance Motorbike Training welcomes the suggestion that the industry might be forced by Q-Ride Administration to include more comprehensive ‘pre-learner’ assessment, which would include compulsory training and assessment, designed to teach basic vehicle handling skills and safe riding knowledge – away from roads.    Queensland and Western Australia are currently the only Australian jurisdictions that don’t offer structured pre-learner training to novice riders.

A parliamentary committee had set out 12 recommendations after an extensive review of the state’s motorcycle licensing process in October last year.  

After considering the report for nine months, Transport Minister Scott Emerson has accepted 10 of the 12 recommendations, but has marked five for further investigation.  

InBalance Motorbike Training has already implemented an effective hazard perception subject in the training program and now the Transport Department will undertake an investigation into how to incorporate risk management and hazard perception into pre-learner and learner tests for future riders. InBalance Motorbike Training would also like to see the current student to teacher ration of 5:1 reviewed in a move to improve safety and credibility of the learners real skill acquisition.  The InBalance Course trainers have a strong preference for ‘One on One” ensuring that all learners get the maximum assistance whilst learning, no distractions, no excuses, just good effective training.

InBalance Motorbike Training is supportive of these moves as they have  been a long time coming and should be welcomed by the Industry.

Returning riders will be the target of a government public education campaign and will also be encouraged to complete a refresher course before getting back on their bike.  This is good news as InBalance Motorbike training has been conducting specific refresher training for a number of years now, and has received positive feedback.

Mr Emerson said some of the supported recommendations would be introduced later this year, as part of a wider Queensland licensing reform, “including enhancing the motorcycle learner knowledge test and restricting Q-SAFE to areas where Q-Ride does not exist”.

Phase two of the licensing reforms will look at the recommendations that had been supported in principle, following further consultation with industry stakeholders.