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What to Wear When You Ride

The below contains some helpful tips for increasing rider comfort whilst wearing as much safety clothing as possible. Remember, being uncomfortable is a distraction and distractions will lead to accidents. We’d like to thank our riding partners at InBalance Motorcycle Training for provision and / or contribution of some content.

The Helmet:

A motorcycle helmet is a necessary safety feature for every rider and passenger on a motorcycle. It not only offers protection from head injury, it also reduces wind noise, protects the rider from weather, glare from the sun, wind blasting into a rider’s eyes and face, or flying objects such as gravel, rocks, twigs and not so tasty bugs (if it has a visor). Again, distractions are dangerous, so a proper fitting helmet that meets Australian Standard AS/NZ1698 is a must for safe riding. I suggest you buy the best helmet you can afford to buy , and one that suits the type of riding you plan on doing. For example I use a flip top Shark EVOLINE 3 helmet for touring, which I highly reccomend.

Eye Protection:

It’s important to remember that our eyes are quite delicate. Considering the benefits to our eyes listed above, try these techniques to improve eye care: riding with the visor down, or for those without a visor using riding goggles or well padded lenses that form an effective barrier around the vulnerable eye area. Ordinary Sungasses offer little if any protection for your eyes

Jacket Factor:

There are many types and styles of jackets available today, and due to the new types of materials available there is no reason for being cold or unprotected from the elements when riding. You can experience a far more enjoyable ride by wearing the right jacket for the climate you are currently riding in. InBalance and Saferider Hervey Bay have teamed up to develop a range of customised summer jackets. These “Cordura” jackets are available in both male and female cuts and feature large zippered vented panels and comfortable armour . They have inside pockets for phones and wallets and large external zippered pockets. High ‘vis’ piping completes the design making for a comfortable summer ride. Colour options include black with red/blue/black contrast. Arguably, leather offers the most protection when it comes to abrasion, so InBalance has also designed a range of leather jackets which will be reviewed in a later post.

For purchasing queries, contact Tony from Saferider Hervey Bay.


As with all motorcycle gear, you need to factor in your intended usage and the climate,to get the best fit for you and your environment. Choices can range from Denim with built in Kevlar protection areas, leather, cordura to full one piece leathers. The more protection you have the safer you will be if you happen to fall of your motorcycle. Remember that standard denim jeans offer little if no protection in the event of an accident !


Gloves are another essential riding accessory that not only protect you from what a vehicle in front may throw up at you, but also in the event of a fall extreme abrasion can hopefully be avoided. Sunburn on the back of your hands is also cause for distraction, so gloves on and enjoy the ride!

InBalance and Saferider Hervey Bay have teamed up again to design a range of summer and winter gloves which are extremely comfortable. Summer gloves featured in photo below. (Winter gloves to be reviewed in later post.)


Protect ankles with over-the-ankle boots made of strong leather. Rubber soles with a defined heel offer good foot peg indexing and the best grip.


It rains everywhere. Get a set of good wet weather gear along with rain-covers for boots and gloves as well.

Hearing Protection:

Long-term exposure to engine and wind noise can cause permanent hearing damage. Proper protection, such as foam ear plugs or custom-moulded devices reduce noise, while allowing a rider to hear important sounds.

InBalance use and recommend the ear protection provided by “Earmold Australia”; absolutely brilliant. These ear plugs reduce fatigue as your hearing is not being constantly bombarded by wind noise.

These ear plugs are specially moulded to fit only your ears. Interestingly you can still clearly hear the engine and other important noises. Sound from Bluetooth devices such as music or communication devices are enhanced due to the reduced wind noise.



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