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Saferider Hervey Bay Offers Quality, Affordable Motorcycle Training Courses in Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast.

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Saferider Motorcycle Training is designed for persons wanting to obtain their Motorcycle licence for either the first time, or would also suit someone wanting to return to motorcycle riding after an absence of many years. Due to the personalised nature of our training course, it is well suited to the absolute first timer, who may feel pressured or intimidated by the presence of other riders in their group.

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Our training courses use the latest ‘rider to rider’ in-helmet communication technology, enabling the trainer and the student to talk to each other whilst on the road.

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Here’s what a few of our riders had to say about the training

I had not been on a motorbike for 48 years ! It is easy to forget the basics, let alone the “right ” way to keep control of a bike. Tony was Fantastic, communication was great as was his level of patience, without which the course would not have gone so smoothly.

I would highly recommend Tony as a professional Instructor, who does his utmost to get you across the line, and to ride safely .

Frank , Burrum Heads

I can’t believe how comfortable I was with the training. Tony stepped me through the basics in such a way that I understood more about riding than I ever could have if I had a friend teach me. I am now far more confident in my new-found hobby (mid-life crisis!) and appreciate the encouragment and patience of Instructor Tony! If you want to learn to ride, and safely, then I thoroughly recommend Saferider Hervey Bay.

Rose Weaver, Hervey Bay

I learnt plenty of information about how to ride a motobike, I was never yelled at or discouraged !

Lochlan Silk, Hervey Bay

I had ridden bikes before but went about it totally the wrong way. After a few ‘not so near’ misses I decided to get serious about my safety if I wanted to keep riding. Tony helped me break some bad habits I’d learnt, and fine-tuned my motorbike skills, including my overall awareness of what’s going on around me, so now I have much more control over the bike and awareness of my surroundings. I would definately recommend Saferider Hervey Bay for anyone, no matter if you’re starting out or already ride but want to get safer.

I was always made to feel as though I was capable of doing things , the course had a relaxed feel

Leeann Maloney, Hervey Bay

Tony was extremely helpful ,friendly, ensightful and knowledable and made it easy to understand

Jack Middleton, Hervey Bay

I learn,t helpful tips on correct riding style and learn’t how to do an emergency stop correctly !

Joshua Whitmore, Hervey Bay

I really enjoyed the help I received to build my confidence and the knowledge I received about how to ride
I was very happy with the course

Kathleen Bell, Hervey Bay

My confidence in manouvering the bike has increased so much due to my training. I am able to make smaller turns with greater ease, making me a much safer rider than I was before.

Cilla, Hervey Bay

Very clear concise and patient instruction, equipped me with the skills to ride safely on the roads

Hamish Flynn, Torbanlea

Small class, more one on one time, great teacher explained everything well

Seth Ebenezer, Maryborough

Instructor was easy to talk to and easy to understand. Indentified my problems and worked with me to correct them

Lincoln Mcgrath, Nickennbah

Tonys patience and understanding and willingness to help, really enjoyed the way we taught

Jimmy Maher, Dundowran Beach

The information was very helpful and informative. I liked the structure and the way everything was done

Fletcher Mckey, Dundowran Beach

All aspects easy to understand, all exersises thoroughly shown and well explained

Warren Jolley, Scarness

Great explanations to explain theory and practical, relaxed atmoshere, making it easy to learn
demonstrated skills

Anne Maree Byrne, Urraween

Good Knowledgable Instructor, patient and easy to understand

Daniel Wessling, Point Vernon

Very Patient instructor , I Learnt heaps! Recommend to anyone

Alan Rayner, Urangan

Personalised Instruction tailored to suit my abilities or lack of!

Heidi Nelson, Pialba

All Instruction and training was explained in ways I could easily understand. The Instructor was patient and very encouraging

Shane Armstrong, Glenden

Very patient, with clear directions, I liked being able to use my own bike

Harley Wolfe, Sunshine Acres

In depth knowledge of hazard avoidance explained and demonstrated all tasks well

Ralph Mcgrath, Sunshine Acres

Professional Instruction very patient and knowledgable teacher

Shane Mcveigh, Urangan

I gained a lot of experience and understanding , nice bikes !

Mitchell Harvey, Craignish

Very informative and positive with the training, also nice and friendly

Rhani Foster, Tin Can Bay

I learnt a lot about defensive riding techniques, I got my licence on the day and it was a lot of fun

Aaron Smith, Kawungan

Easy to learn and understand and came out with a lot more Knowledge

Kristie Dack, Point Vernon

Expert and professional instruction, deep knowledge of motorcycle and relevent training material

Michael Harper, Murgon

The instructor Tony was friendly and the course was constant and Concise

Darren Yates, Torquay

Very well explained Great Knowledge

Luke Mahnken, Kawungan

Defensive riding techniques , correct road position and cornering skills

Neil Weinert, Toogoom

I learnt a lot more than I did on a previous course i had done, Tony gave us confidence and i an awsome teacher. I learnt a lot more skills

Chris Ferlazzo, Urangan

There was a good focus on defensive riding and was very well explained and I learned a lot of new things

Richard Mcgrath, Nickenbah

One on one training , a lot of information on basic riding and road survival

Chris Bailey, Silkstone

Very Very happy, Instructor was easy to understand, clear instructions and very patient whilst I masterd the skill of riding. Tony made me feel very at ease from the first introduction

Jill Yates, Torquay



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