Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAMS)

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The introduction of the LAM Scheme (LAMS) means safer bikes for novice riders and consistency across the eastern states.  The scheme replaces the existing 250cc engine capacity restriction for class RE (restricted) motorcycle licence holders with a combined power-to-weight ratio and engine capacity restriction.

The power-to-weight ratio is a comparison of the engine output to the weight of the bike. It is a measure of the motorcycle’s performance. The LAM Scheme restricts novice riders to motorcycles with a power-to-weight ratio that does not exceed 150 kW/t and an engine capacity that does not exceed 650cc

What this means in simple terms is you are no longer restricted to riding a 250cc motorcycle, and you are now able to ride some motorcycles up to 650cc ! so click on the link below to see what bikes you are able to ride on a restricted licence

In effect class RE licence holders will have access to a much larger range of motorcycles without compromising the safety of novice riders.

All class RE licence holders, including those with existing RE licences, are able to ride LAM Scheme approved motorcycles.

Click here or on the image below for a list of Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAMS)



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