Q- Ride Restricted (RE) Course

8 Hour 1 Day Course


This is the Q-Ride course that all motorbike riders must successfully complete to be granted a RE licence.

To complete the RE Course takes approximately 8 hours.

The restricted (RE) licence course is a training and assessment program designed to help learner riders further develop their riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills. The objectives of the course are to ensure learner riders have the knowledge and skills to ride unaccompanied, managing the routine and more complex riding situations they will encounter while riding, to reinforce appropriate riding attitudes and a safety mindset, and to minimise the likelihood of harm due to inadequate riding knowledge, skills, or risk management. The course forms part of an integrated training and assessment program, encompassing a pre-learner course, theory assessment and further training at the unrestricted (R) licence stage. The course is designed for riders who have completed the pre-learner course and have some on-road riding experience.

The course curriculum provides a balanced program, presented in a logical and progressive manner, with the sequence, structure and timing of activities designed to support knowledge and skill acquisition. The curriculum relies on the system of specifying the value, purpose and direction of training, emphasising and repeating critical elements, the use of key learning phrases, and ‘overlearning’ to enhance knowledge retention and reinforce skills. The course is competency based, with each competency element assessed as competent or not yet competent; participants will only successfully complete the course if they demonstrate all competencies.

The course adopts a blended approach to learning including theory based teaching, demonstrations, coaching and practice through doing. Individualised feedback is provided throughout the course allowing participants to learn through experience.

This interaction also facilitates self-reflection and the use of higher order thinking, which positively influences on-road behaviour and attitudes to road safety.



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