General FAQs

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions
Who is eligible to obtain a motorcycle licence?
Anyone who has held a car licence for a minimum of 12 months.
Do I have to wear a 'P' plate?
You are only required to wear a ‘P’ plate on a motorcycle if you are required to wear a ‘P’ plate when driving a car. e.g. if you hold an Open Diver’s Licence, you do not have to wear a ‘P’ plate upon obtaining your restricted motorcycle licence.
When can I carry a passenger (pillion)?
When a restricted motorcycle licence has been held for a minimum of 12 months.
What do I need to bring to the course?
You will only need to provide (as a minimum) Jeans, Socks that cover your ankles and fully enclosed shoes or boots.

We will provide everything else including the motorcycle as well as helmets jackets, gloves and High Visibility vests.

If you would prefer to use your own safety gear, please bring it with you.

What days of the week do you run motorcycle training courses?
We offer our training courses Monday to Saturday, closed Sunday and Public Holidays.



Do you train in groups or one to one
We train generally a maximum of 3 at a time or one-on-one by prior arrangement.
How do I get a learners permit?
Since October 2016 you now have to complete a 12-hour course held over 2 days.  At the successful completion of the course, you will be able to complete your 30 question learner test online to obtain your learners’ permit.
You will then have to hold your learners permit for a minimum of 3 months before you will be eligible to complete the Restricted Licence course to get your Restricted licence.
If I already have my own bike, can I use that to learn on?
Yes you can, as long as it is registered and in a roadworthy condition. Note: If you are undertaking a Restricted Licence course, you must use a Restricted or LAMS approved motorcycle. If you are undertaking an Open Class Unrestricted Licence course, you must use an unrestricted motorcycle.
Do I have to have someone follow me whilst I am learning?
Yes you must have someone following you, and you must clearly display an ‘L’ plate on the back of the bike or on a high visibility vest. The person following you can be either riding a motorcycle or driving a car; this supervisory person must haven an Unrestricted licence.
Once I get my Restricted Motorcycle Licence (RE), can only I ride 250cc bikes?
For the first 12 months you are restricted to riding any motorcycle that has an enginge capacity of less than 660cc’s, and less then 150 kilowatts (kw) power weight ratio. As a guide, any cruiser up to 660cc’s, any sports bike up to 550cc’s. IMPORTANT: There are some exceptions to this, Click HERE for more information on LAMS and a current list of LAMS approved motorcycles.



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