Anticipation, an essential roadcraft skill

We are exposed to a variety of dangers as we ride our motorbikes throughout this great country.  Our safety depends on S.E.E.

  • Scanning, actively looking for the hazards
  • Evaluation, ranking the hazards in order of threat (immediate/suspected/possible)
  • Execution, performing a manouvre to reduce that threat that is; changing speed or road position

The other vital component to a safe and enjoyable ride is the ability to Anticipate.

If  you are riding and you can see your shadow in this position, then you should take extra care as the vision of the oncoming driver’s will be impaired as   the sun is in their eyes. So stay away from the right hand wheel track. Be extra careful at intersections.  Anticipate the dangers and execute away from them.  My Q-Ride courses provide a lot of content on roadcraft survival tactics.